Garden Update

Magically, we went from no beans to actual beans!!! Honestly, Critter and I were both astonished to discover these hanging from our VERY tangled vines.

Co-planting beans and strawberries seems to have been a success so we will do this again next year, with the addition of some sort of trellis.

Once the beans are done, I will tear those plants out and re-plant our strawberry runners in better rows.

The kale continues to yield a lot of greenery and one plant has grown an additional stalk. (!) Next week I will pick parsley. The watermelon vines have flowered which I interpret as a promising sign. More radishes are popping up.

We need to work on some sort of pest control for next year as the beetles are aggressively eating the bean leaves. Something else is after the kale. Suggestions welcome.

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