Daily Archives: 07.30.2019

Getting Organized

A real spirit of organization has taken hold of the family me.

One week before Minnesota’s hands-free law went into effect I finally sourced those phone holder things that you clip onto…your air vents? We are in compliance!

After listening to the Coffee & Crumbs podcast episode on minimalism, I was inspired to remove another garbage bag of clothing from my closet to donate. In all seriousness, I don’t understand how I still have clothing left to get rid of? On the other hand, my side of the closet feels positively airy now and I re-arranged my the contents of my drawers to boot!

With the removal of kid furniture from the main floor, we finally get to do some much-awaited re-arranging of furniture and purchasing of new furniture. Marcus has been very patiently watching me (and helping me!) move furniture about from different areas of the house as we decide how to best live in this space moving forward! Spoiler alert: we need to purchase at least three new lamps and three new light fixtures but that is a story for a different day.

I’m also in the process of conducting another toy purge. Glitter has really aged out of some toys and there are others where even with toy rotation, we just don’t love them enough to pay attention to them.

We got the kids’ classroom assignments for daycare/preschool this year and with it another school calendar. This means I have also purchased another $11 Target planner so I can plan through June 2020. I love these calendars because they do not have a lot of space. When the boxes for each day are full, our lives are full! Highly recommend this system.

Friends what are you doing to organize your lives right now? Please share in the comments!