Daily Archives: 07.27.2019

Summer of Fun

This has been A Summer, friends.

For the first summer in four years I can do the following at the same time: sleep through the night, drink wine, go out in public with my children and everyone can (1) do the planned activity (2) eat processed snacks (AKA do not have to breast feed), we can go out and play all morning long because no one has to take a morning nap.


The other day I did paperwork at the table while the children did arts and stickers and we all did our own task and everyone was happy! The paperwork got done!!!

Sometimes we pack picnics to bring to the park and we eat our lunch there and I feel like a very advanced mom.

In the last two weeks, Critter has started to actually play with Glitter and now sometimes they build MagnaTiles together instead of crying.

We took down the Pack and Play that has been in our family room since we moved into the house. Two weeks ago I put away the high chair and now Glitter uses a booster seat at the table. Next weekend we are transitioning Critter from his “big boy bed” AKA converted crib into an actual daybed we have been storing in the basement for this purpose.


Except when I was going through Critter’s baby photos to send a friend photos of the crib (which they are taking!!!) and then I felt very emotional because he used to be so small!!!

Every weekend we have been home and able, we visit the Farmer’s Market. Critter has become an expert at holding hands and navigating the aisles, Glitter has been promoted to the Osprey.

Both of the children have finally decided that they like going to the swimming pool. I’d say this happens once every two weeks. That said, on the hot summer afternoons at home we have taken to having “pool parties” in the backyard where we fill up the kiddie pool and the water table, play music and eat potato chips. It is a wild time.

So. It has been a summer of fun. I am so looking forward to what the month of August will bring us!