Daily Archives: 07.16.2019

Self-Care: A Brief Summary

It was never my plan to put the blog on hiatus for nearly four months. Which, as I write it, sounds preposterous. For some reason I had thought it was only three. The blog is now 11 years old. This is the longest I have not written since 2008.

As one friend put it, You have been in the vortex.

I have not had the energy to write, to take pictures of my dinners, any of it. All of it has been focused on me, my family, and my friends to varying degrees of success.

If I had to rate my self-care over the last four months, I’d probably give myself a five – not totally abysmal. But also I have been much better at this.

I have been running regularly and that has been a real godsend. Only in the last week have I made the transition from run-walking to running a full 30 minutes straight. I am so glad to be able to do this again but did not have the energy a minute sooner.

I am back to drinking caffeine in the afternoon. I am not thrilled about this but it is necessary in order to keep my brain functioning. Also, I have been giving Starbucks and Caribou all of my money for this.

Nitro Cold Brew. Life changing.

I have returned to the highlighter life.


I have no idea of what the rest of this summer or even this year holds. 2019 has been one heck of a ride so far. I do know after this hiatus, that it is still good for me to be writing here in this space. The stories change. They get better, they get more boring. They stay the same.