Daily Archives: 07.15.2019

One Kitchen Many Hearts: Fond du Lac

Photo from Allison.

6th annual girls’ weekend. Fond du Lac edition.

We paddleboarded. Megan and I realized our return trip to the dock was so impossible because we were doing it backward. This probably would have been obvious to anyone else who has ever used a paddleboard before or even casual onlookers. We didn’t have any cameras to capture those memories so we will just have to carry them in our hearts like the old times.

We ate a lot of ice cream. A lot.

We sat outside.

We toured Lakefront Brewing Company and ate cheese in the following ways: curd (fresh), curd (raw), cubed, melted, dip.

We visited a supper club. The live music was a man singing karaoke for four hours straight and at one point I asked the girls if we were participating in performance art.

We slept.