Daily Archives: 07.12.2019

A Garden Update

We are living off the land now.

Not really.

We did have to send our cherry tree back to the nursery and get a new one under warranty. This one came with cherries growing on it and that has been just wild.

I also planted some very small blackberry and blueberry plants. If they make it through the season and return next year I will be astonished.

I added two ever bearing raspberry plants. I am fairly certain one was drowned by the torrential rain we have had. The raspberries we planted last year are multiplying and that is beautiful.

Marcus along with his dad and some friends built two raised beds in May.

I moved the strawberries and chives into those. The strawberries are sending off runners everywhere and I have been busy pinning them down so that in August I can add new rows of them! The pole beans have been doing well as a co-plant but next year I think we need to add something better for them to climb?

I also learned you can plant multiple crops of radishes in a season so that has been a real excitement. The parsley has not been overwhelming but the cilantro is very happy. We’ve been enjoying that on tacos and in salsas and every time we eat it I remind Marcus that of course it tastes better than what we could buy at the grocery store!

I need to start thinking of what we are going to make with the abundance of kale that we now have. I need to think about if there are any late summer plants we should be planting or if we will just run with re-planting radishes and carrots for the rest of this first season.

The children are delighted to come and inspect it, to “bumble” (run their hands through) the chives and to pick one berry at a time as they become ripe enough to eat. Critter actioned a birdhouse with his great-grandfather and is so proud to see it hanging out there though I think it is unlikely that any bird or other beast will ever inhabit it.

This has turned into such a nice, sunny, corner of our yard.