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Getting Organized

A real spirit of organization has taken hold of the family me.

One week before Minnesota’s hands-free law went into effect I finally sourced those phone holder things that you clip onto…your air vents? We are in compliance!

After listening to the Coffee & Crumbs podcast episode on minimalism, I was inspired to remove another garbage bag of clothing from my closet to donate. In all seriousness, I don’t understand how I still have clothing left to get rid of? On the other hand, my side of the closet feels positively airy now and I re-arranged my the contents of my drawers to boot!

With the removal of kid furniture from the main floor, we finally get to do some much-awaited re-arranging of furniture and purchasing of new furniture. Marcus has been very patiently watching me (and helping me!) move furniture about from different areas of the house as we decide how to best live in this space moving forward! Spoiler alert: we need to purchase at least three new lamps and three new light fixtures but that is a story for a different day.

I’m also in the process of conducting another toy purge. Glitter has really aged out of some toys and there are others where even with toy rotation, we just don’t love them enough to pay attention to them.

We got the kids’ classroom assignments for daycare/preschool this year and with it another school calendar. This means I have also purchased another $11 Target planner so I can plan through June 2020. I love these calendars because they do not have a lot of space. When the boxes for each day are full, our lives are full! Highly recommend this system.

Friends what are you doing to organize your lives right now? Please share in the comments!


Some Things

This weekend we had literally no plans. Calendar empty. This would be the first time in a month? Possibly the last time this summer?

We went the farmer’s market, visited Gregor Farm for the first time this year, went to Wayzata Beach, had a pool party at Nana and Grandfather’s.

I visited the new Penny’s coffee in downtown Wayzata and drank my first Golden Latte.

We sat on the perch AKA the small deck off of our master bedroom and drank wine.

It was nice.

Summer of Fun

This has been A Summer, friends.

For the first summer in four years I can do the following at the same time: sleep through the night, drink wine, go out in public with my children and everyone can (1) do the planned activity (2) eat processed snacks (AKA do not have to breast feed), we can go out and play all morning long because no one has to take a morning nap.


The other day I did paperwork at the table while the children did arts and stickers and we all did our own task and everyone was happy! The paperwork got done!!!

Sometimes we pack picnics to bring to the park and we eat our lunch there and I feel like a very advanced mom.

In the last two weeks, Critter has started to actually play with Glitter and now sometimes they build MagnaTiles together instead of crying.

We took down the Pack and Play that has been in our family room since we moved into the house. Two weeks ago I put away the high chair and now Glitter uses a booster seat at the table. Next weekend we are transitioning Critter from his “big boy bed” AKA converted crib into an actual daybed we have been storing in the basement for this purpose.


Except when I was going through Critter’s baby photos to send a friend photos of the crib (which they are taking!!!) and then I felt very emotional because he used to be so small!!!

Every weekend we have been home and able, we visit the Farmer’s Market. Critter has become an expert at holding hands and navigating the aisles, Glitter has been promoted to the Osprey.

Both of the children have finally decided that they like going to the swimming pool. I’d say this happens once every two weeks. That said, on the hot summer afternoons at home we have taken to having “pool parties” in the backyard where we fill up the kiddie pool and the water table, play music and eat potato chips. It is a wild time.

So. It has been a summer of fun. I am so looking forward to what the month of August will bring us!

Baking Streak

PSA: If you use an RSS feed to read (so like Feedly, etc.) and The Blog is not showing up you need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. Yes this means we have probably lost many of our fellow readers on the internet forever but this is just how it goes.

This week I have been baking a lot.

Mixed Fruit Cobbler.

Butterscotch-White Chocolate Chip-Coconut-Oatmeal Cookies.

I put some of that dough in the freezer for later.

Apricot Almond Scones.

I froze some of that dough too.

This Week In The Garden

Most briefly, I learned that Pole Beans can grow 10-15 feet tall, a fact that was not included on the seed package.

It’s really too late to build any sort of trellis, we’re past that now. I am sure this means a lower yield, but now it’s documented here as a note to file for next year.

The cilantro bolted but adorned a number of tacos before doing so.

We’re on our second round of radishes. I replanted those today with Critter.

We also harvested carrots.

More have sprouted, Critter and I also planted more.

This week, some recipes for our kale. Next week we need to use the parsley.

Self-Care: A Brief Summary

It was never my plan to put the blog on hiatus for nearly four months. Which, as I write it, sounds preposterous. For some reason I had thought it was only three. The blog is now 11 years old. This is the longest I have not written since 2008.

As one friend put it, You have been in the vortex.

I have not had the energy to write, to take pictures of my dinners, any of it. All of it has been focused on me, my family, and my friends to varying degrees of success.

If I had to rate my self-care over the last four months, I’d probably give myself a five – not totally abysmal. But also I have been much better at this.

I have been running regularly and that has been a real godsend. Only in the last week have I made the transition from run-walking to running a full 30 minutes straight. I am so glad to be able to do this again but did not have the energy a minute sooner.

I am back to drinking caffeine in the afternoon. I am not thrilled about this but it is necessary in order to keep my brain functioning. Also, I have been giving Starbucks and Caribou all of my money for this.

Nitro Cold Brew. Life changing.

I have returned to the highlighter life.


I have no idea of what the rest of this summer or even this year holds. 2019 has been one heck of a ride so far. I do know after this hiatus, that it is still good for me to be writing here in this space. The stories change. They get better, they get more boring. They stay the same.

One Kitchen Many Hearts: Fond du Lac

Photo from Allison.

6th annual girls’ weekend. Fond du Lac edition.

We paddleboarded. Megan and I realized our return trip to the dock was so impossible because we were doing it backward. This probably would have been obvious to anyone else who has ever used a paddleboard before or even casual onlookers. We didn’t have any cameras to capture those memories so we will just have to carry them in our hearts like the old times.

We ate a lot of ice cream. A lot.

We sat outside.

We toured Lakefront Brewing Company and ate cheese in the following ways: curd (fresh), curd (raw), cubed, melted, dip.

We visited a supper club. The live music was a man singing karaoke for four hours straight and at one point I asked the girls if we were participating in performance art.

We slept.