Some Things

The snow piled up by our driveway last Tuesday. Garbage can for height context.

I think a lot of things probably happened last week but the our weekend descended into chaos.

Long story short about two weeks ago I noticed our furnace was making a whistling/howling sound. The repair team finally came out on Friday and found nothing wrong. On Saturday around 11 AM we noticed a burning smell in our house so we called them back and then spent the next 24 hours at my parents’.

Pro: I got to cook scallops for dinner and I had eggs with prosciutto for breakfast.

Con: If you haven’t noticed yet I am a real creature of routine so it was all a little off-putting.

We’re home now, everything and everyone is fine.

On Sunday we did our annual hamantaschen baking at my in-laws. Critter also got to attend (typically this is a girls-only event) because he is quite the avid baker. Having him there was so much fun. He exuberantly folded the cookies into balls and semi-circle shapes declaring all the while “I am making a hamantaschen!” While we waited for the cookies to bake, my mother-in-law did a public kon-mari-ing of her cookbooks and it was 11/10.

I read this article this week and promptly sent it to my family. Wild.

Happy Monday.


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