Life with Two

Three years/16 months edition.

Now that we have ruled out ear infection and teething (the molars are through!) I can say definitively that Glitter is in the midst of a sleep regression. Every night there is an hour and a half of yelling coming from her crib. Please let it end.

Glitter started school! Basically all of her school days have been weird so far – cancelled, early release, late start. But she is out of the nest! This week is the first time she cried when I dropped her off. I know it will get better but it is still hard.

On the school note, can I also say that strapping two kids into carseats in the carpool line is just a nightmare? It takes forever and I can feel everyone staring at me.

We moved Critter to a big boy bed on Sunday. He is three now and he never tried to climb out of the crib or do any other shenanigans. He helped Marcus to take the rail off and he was so so so proud. My mama heart broke a little bit because really he is so big. There is absolutely no baby left in him whatsoever. I will also say I am glad that I no longer need to lift a 40 lb person into a crib.

We took the kids outside to play in the snow and they loved it. After about 15 minutes, Critter declared “I don’t feel cold anymore!” which gave Marcus and I a laugh. I brought Glitter in before him since she is smaller and she was so mad. She wanted to be back out there so she insisted that I continue to put her little parka back on.

Finally, we are continuing to work on a new morning routine. Critter can dress himself now, he wants to get Glitter when he wakes up, everyone needs to go potty or have a diaper change before we can eat breakfast.

About a month ago (and a few weeks before Glitter started school), I was ready to throw in the towel with breakfast battling. Critter was eating at a sloth-like pace, Glitter only wanted two bites of oatmeal it was a nightmare. So I started making breakfast bars. I tried a few recipes before I made and remade one into my own. It tastes like a very bland, very dense baked oatmeal. But Critter eats it without complaint (and loves to help make them) and Glitter eats some too before her yogurt. Would recommend giving them a try!


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