Some Things

Our hardcore winter continues. This week we’re going to get like another foot of snow, no lie. Right now everything looks like we’re in a wintery car commercial – there’s so much snow that many of the roads are still white (instead of totally cleared and slushy) and since it has been so cold everything is frozen in place.

I caved and ordered a pair of tall Sorel boots because my short UGGs are not tall enough for this powder and who are we kidding I will be living in this snow globe for the rest of my life. I will say I have been VERY happy with my Chelsea wedge booties this winter. They really are waterproof and the traction is great. That made it easier to hit the purchase button on a pair of snow boots.

I will also just say that today I am tired. Not in a wearying sense, just in an overall physical exhaustion sense. A combination of weather, life, and how I have actually been sleeping to be sure. I could feel the extra cup of coffee today.

My parents hosted the kids for an overnight on Friday night. That was great because I got to work out on Saturday morning without and then I got to go to Bellecour. I ate this breakfast and finished my book.

It was perfect.

I need some advice on where to get ankle/low cut athletic socks. I had some from Target that lasted YEARS and ACTUAL MARATHONS but they finally started to disintegrate. I bought some new, colorful C9 ones from Target and they last about eight wears before there is a hole in the sole of one sock in the pair. No good. So. If you have socks you love, please advise.

I will also note I LOVED this episode of Call Your Girlfriend about Instagram Anxiety. And this episode of Welcome Home about Personal Style. It gave me some things to think about.

Happy Monday, friends!


2 responses to “Some Things

  1. Pete Saunders

    My absolute favorite socks are from Zulu. I buy them at Run and Fun in St. Paul, but they’re available online as well. A little thicker than most, so if that’s an issue look elsewhere. But I wear them on almost all of my exercises.

  2. I have several pair of Feetures socks. They’ve lasted YEARS! like 10 years. The come in high ankle and low ankle, white and grey. I got them from Marathon Sports in Mpls. and The Running Room in Maple Grove.

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