Some Things

We got a tiny cactus for the kitchen window on Sunday. Lest you find us to be too hip, we also have this sweet cup of grass Critter grew at school.

It is finally “warm” AKA above zero again and we are so glad to be able to get out of our house!

I ordered a few Lilly Pulitzer Elsa tops which I’ve wanted for like…five years. PSA. Order on Amazon. If you don’t need this season’s prints you can save serious cash. I ordered two tops and saved no lie, $109.

We had Critter’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was not Pinterest-y in the slightest (we got a dozen balloons, scene) but he wore his crown for its sixth and final day. We celebrated with all of the people who came to meet him at the hospital plus he got to invite his first friend, G.

I continue to watch Tidying Up on Netflix. I just purged another round of things from our closet and organized some of our kitchen stuff. None of this accomplishes the real goal of tackling the basement bedroom but soon.

I got a Copper IUD on Friday. We’re going to see how this goes since hormonal birth control really is not an option for me right now with all of the side effects I have been experiencing.

Last night we attended a Superbowl party some friends were throwing. I watched none of the game, Marcus watched some. Probably 25 kids were running around having the best time, Glitter focused all of her efforts on practicing climbing up and down the stairs.

Even though we have been living here for a year and a half we only just managed to hang mezuzot on the kids’ doorways. Critter loved helping Marcus, now we need to sort them our for the rest of the house.

Finally, we (mostly Marcus, I just Googled it) a did battle against a leaky kitchen faucet. It needed a new cartridge in the handle. $35, some YouTube videos, 1.5 hours of work and experimentation. Cheaper than a plumber.

Happy Monday, everybody.


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