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Some Things

The snow piled up by our driveway last Tuesday. Garbage can for height context.

I think a lot of things probably happened last week but the our weekend descended into chaos.

Long story short about two weeks ago I noticed our furnace was making a whistling/howling sound. The repair team finally came out on Friday and found nothing wrong. On Saturday around 11 AM we noticed a burning smell in our house so we called them back and then spent the next 24 hours at my parents’.

Pro: I got to cook scallops for dinner and I had eggs with prosciutto for breakfast.

Con: If you haven’t noticed yet I am a real creature of routine so it was all a little off-putting.

We’re home now, everything and everyone is fine.

On Sunday we did our annual hamantaschen baking at my in-laws. Critter also got to attend (typically this is a girls-only event) because he is quite the avid baker. Having him there was so much fun. He exuberantly folded the cookies into balls and semi-circle shapes declaring all the while “I am making a hamantaschen!” While we waited for the cookies to bake, my mother-in-law did a public kon-mari-ing of her cookbooks and it was 11/10.

I read this article this week and promptly sent it to my family. Wild.

Happy Monday.


Friday Food Round-Up!

What to say about this week. It is still snowing? February is a weirdly busy month? I made a few meals for new mama friends this week so the crockpot is still hard at work people.

Saturday – One Skillet Steak and Spring Veg with Spicy Mustard, Roasted Potatoes

This recipe really is such a gem. Try it if you haven’t.

Monday – Turkey Tacos

Like everything happening with the snow these days, this meal ended up being dinner x2.

Thursday – Black Bean and Mushroom Enchilada Casserole from Cravings: Hungry for More

If I was more well organized I would have made something different for Valentine’s Day dinner but this was still a good meal.

What I’ve Been Reading

When I left the library at the beginning of the year, I left with something like 1500+ pages of books. It was a little overwhelming and honestly I thought to myself, I don’t need to read like this. But the best way to eat a whale is by taking a bite and so I started knowing that namely Team of Rivals could be one of those books I stopped and started all year. I didn’t. It took three weeks (with one break while we were in Arizona).

Read hard stuff. Read sometimes boring stuff. Learn things.

The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

America’s Bank by Roger Lowenstein

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Life with Two

Three years/16 months edition.

Now that we have ruled out ear infection and teething (the molars are through!) I can say definitively that Glitter is in the midst of a sleep regression. Every night there is an hour and a half of yelling coming from her crib. Please let it end.

Glitter started school! Basically all of her school days have been weird so far – cancelled, early release, late start. But she is out of the nest! This week is the first time she cried when I dropped her off. I know it will get better but it is still hard.

On the school note, can I also say that strapping two kids into carseats in the carpool line is just a nightmare? It takes forever and I can feel everyone staring at me.

We moved Critter to a big boy bed on Sunday. He is three now and he never tried to climb out of the crib or do any other shenanigans. He helped Marcus to take the rail off and he was so so so proud. My mama heart broke a little bit because really he is so big. There is absolutely no baby left in him whatsoever. I will also say I am glad that I no longer need to lift a 40 lb person into a crib.

We took the kids outside to play in the snow and they loved it. After about 15 minutes, Critter declared “I don’t feel cold anymore!” which gave Marcus and I a laugh. I brought Glitter in before him since she is smaller and she was so mad. She wanted to be back out there so she insisted that I continue to put her little parka back on.

Finally, we are continuing to work on a new morning routine. Critter can dress himself now, he wants to get Glitter when he wakes up, everyone needs to go potty or have a diaper change before we can eat breakfast.

About a month ago (and a few weeks before Glitter started school), I was ready to throw in the towel with breakfast battling. Critter was eating at a sloth-like pace, Glitter only wanted two bites of oatmeal it was a nightmare. So I started making breakfast bars. I tried a few recipes before I made and remade one into my own. It tastes like a very bland, very dense baked oatmeal. But Critter eats it without complaint (and loves to help make them) and Glitter eats some too before her yogurt. Would recommend giving them a try!

Some Things

Our hardcore winter continues. This week we’re going to get like another foot of snow, no lie. Right now everything looks like we’re in a wintery car commercial – there’s so much snow that many of the roads are still white (instead of totally cleared and slushy) and since it has been so cold everything is frozen in place.

I caved and ordered a pair of tall Sorel boots because my short UGGs are not tall enough for this powder and who are we kidding I will be living in this snow globe for the rest of my life. I will say I have been VERY happy with my Chelsea wedge booties this winter. They really are waterproof and the traction is great. That made it easier to hit the purchase button on a pair of snow boots.

I will also just say that today I am tired. Not in a wearying sense, just in an overall physical exhaustion sense. A combination of weather, life, and how I have actually been sleeping to be sure. I could feel the extra cup of coffee today.

My parents hosted the kids for an overnight on Friday night. That was great because I got to work out on Saturday morning without and then I got to go to Bellecour. I ate this breakfast and finished my book.

It was perfect.

I need some advice on where to get ankle/low cut athletic socks. I had some from Target that lasted YEARS and ACTUAL MARATHONS but they finally started to disintegrate. I bought some new, colorful C9 ones from Target and they last about eight wears before there is a hole in the sole of one sock in the pair. No good. So. If you have socks you love, please advise.

I will also note I LOVED this episode of Call Your Girlfriend about Instagram Anxiety. And this episode of Welcome Home about Personal Style. It gave me some things to think about.

Happy Monday, friends!

Friday Food Round-Up!

Frankly, this was a week I was supposed to be living off of salad kits. Thanks to weather and a lot of different schedule changes related to that, I cooked more. And we ate some weird combinations of things. Real talk.

Monday – Chile Lime Chicken Burgers, Crispy Buffalo Smashies from Cravings: Hungry for More, Favorite Three Bean Salad

I found these burgers in the freezer so it was time to make them.

Tuesday – Tuna Melts, Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa Salad

Was actually planning to make this salad (roasted some chickpeas too!). Ended up making a weird dinner combo.

Thursday – Perfect Instant Ramen, Salad

Again, wasn’t planning to cook.

Some Things

We got a tiny cactus for the kitchen window on Sunday. Lest you find us to be too hip, we also have this sweet cup of grass Critter grew at school.

It is finally “warm” AKA above zero again and we are so glad to be able to get out of our house!

I ordered a few Lilly Pulitzer Elsa tops which I’ve wanted for like…five years. PSA. Order on Amazon. If you don’t need this season’s prints you can save serious cash. I ordered two tops and saved no lie, $109.

We had Critter’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was not Pinterest-y in the slightest (we got a dozen balloons, scene) but he wore his crown for its sixth and final day. We celebrated with all of the people who came to meet him at the hospital plus he got to invite his first friend, G.

I continue to watch Tidying Up on Netflix. I just purged another round of things from our closet and organized some of our kitchen stuff. None of this accomplishes the real goal of tackling the basement bedroom but soon.

I got a Copper IUD on Friday. We’re going to see how this goes since hormonal birth control really is not an option for me right now with all of the side effects I have been experiencing.

Last night we attended a Superbowl party some friends were throwing. I watched none of the game, Marcus watched some. Probably 25 kids were running around having the best time, Glitter focused all of her efforts on practicing climbing up and down the stairs.

Even though we have been living here for a year and a half we only just managed to hang mezuzot on the kids’ doorways. Critter loved helping Marcus, now we need to sort them our for the rest of the house.

Finally, we (mostly Marcus, I just Googled it) a did battle against a leaky kitchen faucet. It needed a new cartridge in the handle. $35, some YouTube videos, 1.5 hours of work and experimentation. Cheaper than a plumber.

Happy Monday, everybody.