Today, you are three. Someone at school told you that you were three in November so you are less impressed with this than we are.

This week, the weather has been so cold that your school schedule has been all mixed up. We were supposed to come celebrate your birthday with your class but when it became apparent that this was not going to work out, we delegated the honors impromptu to Pam who is the Greeter. You just think she is the best ever and were delighted to announce that she read “a new book” to you.

You are smart. It is so fun to see the way your mind works, how focused you are, how interesting you find the world to be.

You are Glitter’s favorite person. Every morning she shouts for you when she hears you coming down stairs.

Every day you continue to amaze me and Dad. We are so proud of you in a way we didn’t know we could be until we became parents.

You are my favorite only son, the nicest boy, the best creation. Every day I spend with you is my best day.

Happy birthday.


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