Some Things

Scene from our hike up Camelback Mountain, last Monday.

It is screamingly cold here. I cannot overstate it, I cannot explain it to anyone who lives beneath the 45th parallel. We got 5″ of snow last night (it is still snowing), Critter’s school has a delayed start. It is too cold for road salt to work. By Wednesday we are supposed to have a windchill of somewhere between -35° and -50° and probably everything is going to shut down because even though we are Minnesotans that is too cold, even for us. I have drawn every blind in the house in am effort to keep the heat in.

On the other side of the coin, we just planned our first cabin trip of the summer so rejoice and be glad.

It is just impossible to overstate how nice it is to be back in our regular routine. I truly love waking up at 5 AM, walking downstairs, lighting a candle, playing some music, drinking a few cups of coffee and reading in the morning.

I wrote up two recipes over the weekend: Toddler Breakfast Bars and Harissa Salmon Salad (do it!!!).

I watched Fyre on Netflix. I knew about the scam that was Fyre Festival but even if you don’t, worth the watch. It’s nuts.

Glitter is finally cutting her bottom 12 month molars. Critter turns three on Wednesday.

I bought a new planner from Target. About 2.5 years ago I switched to the $10 planners you can find there and every six months I get a new one because I need to be able to see the full twelve months ahead. It’s great. I am never disappointed by the quality of the planner and even when I buy two per year, I still save at least $30 compared to a premium planner. I also like the smaller size because frankly if the space for a given day is “full,” then we cannot do anymore things based on our life’s pace right now.


One response to “Some Things

  1. I prefer a smaller planner, too. And right now, it’s hard to eat a salad (even though that one sounds right up my alley!). With this weather, I want ALL. THE. SOUPS!

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