Daily Archives: 01.24.2019

Prepping for the Next Growing Season

It is time to discuss the Back 400!

First and foremost, the deer ripped a branch and some bark off of the cherry tree so we are to be determined as to whether it will survive the winter or we will be replacing the tree under warranty and thus delaying our harvest by another year.

Next, our garden’s permanent structure. At some point this spring, we will put in two raised beds. One where the in-lawn strawberry patch is and another 90° angled off of it. Ideally we will have these built and the berries transplanted by April so they can grow and flourish there.

Finally, when we were at Lowe’s the other evening, I got our little seedling starter greenhouse and some seeds.

We already have strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and chives. I purchased seeds for lacinato kale, watermelon, pole beans (which you can allegedly co-plant with strawberries), purple and green basils, cilantro and parsley. In a perfect world, I would also obtain a few ever-bearing raspberry plants so we could enjoy them a few times in the season.

Basically I am trying to come up with a mix of things that we will eat/can pick frequently/will be a manageable amount of produce to maintain and share.