Daily Archives: 01.22.2019

Kitchen Hack

Prepare yourselves for a snooze-fest, my friends.

I meant to write a post about this some time ago after posting something similar to IG on Halloween. Basically it said I was cleaning off our island so that when people trick or treated at our house they thought we kept it really clean.

A lot of friends responded with a similar sentiment. And I laughed because I was like haha here we all are on Halloween worrying about this. But now we actually do. All the time.

If you’re ever watching say, Fixer Upper on HGTV and you’re admiring a house, chances are that what you’re really admiring is how incredibly clean it is. There are no toys strewn about or any other meaningful earthly possessions for that matter. You want your countertops to look huge and sparkling? You have to keep them empty.

We used to use the biggest space in our kitchen as a catch-all and the result was that it looked horribly cluttered and we didn’t have any system to purge what was building up on the countertops. Marcus will also readily admit that once something goes onto that counter, it no longer exists in his field of vision.

So we relegated all of the stuff here.

It stays organized more easily and even when tons of things have piled up it is a much smaller space.

It also makes it easier to keep the rest of the kitchen clean. All the time.

Over the summer I also started clearing out the dishes in the sink and loading them into the dishwasher at naptime so that the kitchen is completely clean for the afternoon. It’s another small thing that makes a big difference.

Do you have any cleaning tricks/hacks?