Daily Archives: 01.21.2019

Some Things

Right now we are thwarting the cold snap in MN and enjoying a long weekend in AZ.

We are celebrating a two week streak of familial health. Honestly this winter has just been a tornado in our lives. Seven weeks of sickness and a wrecked routine left me with a pretty decent case of anxiety and this week I feel like I can breathe again. We could go to music class and host playgroup and run errands and plan on all of it.

I joined the craze and started watching Tidying Up on Netflix. I KonMari-ed our house several years ago after reading Marie Kondo’s book so I don’t feel the need to do a big purge. It is great motivation to keep on with our big declutter project in the basement bedroom!

I have been complimented on my skin twice in the last week and one friend (BLESS YOU) even asked if I was doing Botox?! I was like can I tell you about retinols!!! And washing your face once or twice a week? And moisturizing every day? And not putting all-over products (powder, foundation) on your skin?

Regarding last week’s Facebook experiment, I cut my total time down to (drumroll) 18 minutes. For seven days. This feels like a good amount of time. My life is better, I don’t miss it or the updates at all. There is some irony in that I use it to publicize the blog but what are you gonna do? To all, if you need me, you know where to find me.