Daily Archives: 01.16.2019

The State of our Financial Union: 2019 is Here!

This is probably a much shorter post than many of you were expecting but there is only so much to be said.

This year we expect our overall savings rate to decrease significantly – we will be paying for two children to attend daycare and that costs a lot of money.  We all know! Critter didn’t start daycare until he was 19 months old and Glitter will not start until she is 16 months old. We are so lucky we have only had to pay for any daycare for a year and a half but like I said, now we will pay for two kids worth.

We will direct the majority (or all) of our savings efforts toward our retirement accounts. We will also maintain the same contributions to the kids’ 529 accounts. The only way that this will change is if we get raises or bonuses. In that case the money will go towards cash savings or charitable giving.

The biggest home improvement we plan to make is installing a large play set in our backyard. This is really a gift to ourselves.

We will maintain emergency funds for the possible situation in which we need to replace my 2006 Honda CRV or our 30 year old air conditioner and 20 year old furnace or everything. We hope we don’t have to replace anything but based on the ages I just listed, I am sure you can understand why we will always have to have a plan for this.

That’s a wrap! Feel free to share your own goals/questions/thoughts in the comments.