Some Things

Scene from downtown Wayzata two minutes before a seven engine BNSF train barreled down the shoreline.

The plague continues.  On New Year’s Eve (again, after I pressed publish!) Glitter got the same stomach plague that struck everyone else in the family.  She had a fever for two days.  We had one full day of family wellness and when Critter came home from daycare on Friday, he had a fever that evening that stayed with us for the weekend.  Despite our request on our first visit to urgent care on Friday evening for a strep test they did not do one. On our second visit on Sunday afternoon they tested him (the nurse was honestly surprised the doctor didn’t do one the first time) and surprise, he had strep!

On Saturday night, my in-laws took the kids for a sleepover so that we could have a real, relaxed date night and it was a beautiful thing.  We went to dinner at Corner Table and were in bed by 9:30 PM!!!  On Sunday morning we got to simply enjoy a morning where we could relax and do things of our own accord.  Marcus did some projects that were calling to him. I enjoyed a morning workout and went to Bellecour for some pastries and tea.

This weekend I rotated out the clothes in Glitter’s closet/dresser for 24m/2t. I realized we were overdue when her little leggings looked like clam diggers.

Cloud Paint update. (1) After a week, I finally watched a tutorial on how to apply cream blush. (2) Storm is 100% a more natural color for me, however Dawn still looks great with neutral makeup. I think it is so coral-y it will really shine come summertime. I will also say that I am glad I made the jump. It looks great, it’s lower maintenance and is better for my skin.

One of our projects for 2019 involves painting more of the house. Most of it a normal color that goes along with what is on most of our main floor but we will do a dark blue living room? Our dining room is Sherwin Williams’ Dutch Tile so when I looked at the coordinating colors, it suggested navy and y’all know I love a blue room. I got some paint chips last week and put them up and my confidence in this plan is growing.

Finally, we started our big purge of the back bedroom in our basement and have one trunk load ready to go to Goodwill. I am so excited to have that room organized and to know what we actually have in there.


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