2018 Goals Follow-Up

As I mentioned on Monday (aka New Year’s Eve) I am following-up on last year’s resolutions and what happened.  It’s not fair to post goals and not share the results!

  • Work on our photo album.  This is something I did not touch until December 31 and that is because frankly it was the lowest priority.  What I did on my actual sick day: went through all of the photos I took in 2018 and purged literally thousands.  I came to the determination that each week I need to go through my photos and delete the non-essentials.  Does anyone else have a system for this?  Having a camera on oneself all the time is a literal miracle but it also means we all take so many photos that simply aren’t good/don’t need to be commemorated.  Anyway, after spending an hour doing all of that, I uploaded 479 photos and videos to Dropbox.  I then put a photo order through on Shutterfly and ordered two more photo albums off of Amazon.  If the goal was to “work” on our photo album, then yes I did just that.  If it was to “complete” our photo album, we absolutely did not achieve that, but it is a project ongoing.
  • Exercise three times per week.  YES!  I started this at the very beginning of February.  Three times per week was a great goal to start with and now I usually workout five times per week.  I only go for 30 minutes at a time so it’s not like I’m hardcore training for anything.  Also, in…April?  I got a very cheap spin bike from Target dot com and with the blessing of a gifted Peloton app account, I have been spinning 2-3 times every week for 36 weeks.
  • Buy new shoes.  Yes.  I have gone through two pairs of running shoes and I have a nice new pair of flats. I also treated myself to a pair of Sorel booties once I achieved another one of my goals, listed below.
  • Get back into reading books.  Yes?  I couldn’t remember why exactly I made this goal but apparently during like the entirety of my maternity leave (September 2017 – December 2017) I only read like…four books.  So it makes sense that I wanted to read more, which I did.  I also read more, better non-fiction.  Even though my learning serves no one singular purpose, I have learned SO MUCH this year and I am thankful for that.
  • Finishing my SHRM-SCP recertification.  Yes, I did this and I got most of my credits taken care of for my SPHR recertification as well.

I am still on the fence about 2019 goals/resolutions so stay tuned for an update on that.


2 responses to “2018 Goals Follow-Up

  1. Happy New Year! May good health abound.

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