Daily Archives: 12.26.2018

Some Things

Boxing Day edition!

A medical update for all of us: Once again, last week after I pressed publish we returned on Tuesday morning to re-diagnose an ear infection and start three days of antibiotic injections and it was all nightmarish. Then, on Christmas Day when we arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s, Critter spontaneously and prolifically vomited all over himself and me and into Cousin Sharon’s Sorel boots and we immediately got back in the car and drove home.

It was all very dramatic. I laughed so hard I cried.

About a month ago I sent a jacket back to Patagonia for repair because the zipper was ripping off of its seam (and the pull came off entirely?!). They put a new zipper in and it finally returned to me for the cost of some $5 flat rate shipping. I also want to side note that I asked for a Synchilla Fleece from Patagonia’s Worn Wear site for Christmas and the fleece I received is…a new fleece. I am sure some of the things they are selling have been used but this was not, so something to consider.

I have written about this before, but as winter’s darkest days arrive, so does an unending case of winter eczema on my hands. I am officially at the point where I feel like my skin will never be the same and (horror) we still have FOUR MONTHS until we have properly moist Spring air to resolve what a good steroid cream cannot. Solidarity to all of my friends who may be suffering similar fates.

Glitter dropped her second nap so we are officially transitioning to being a one nap family. This is simultaneously wonderful and somewhat terrifying.

Finally, I ordered some Glossier Cloud Paint (thanks for beating that drum, Forever 35 Podcast!) because I realized I look…so pale. Now that I only do my eye makeup, I needed a blush that was cream based instead of powder based and here we are. I’ll report back on how I like it once it arrives.