Our Annual Holiday Letter

It has become apparent to us over the last month that next year we will need to send out Hanukkah cards because our friends have been showering us with lovely photos of their families and season’s wishes and we have sent nothing. Politely put, we are socially inept.

To our dearest friends, it is not you, it is us. I only managed to order photo calendars of the grandchildren for their grandparents over the weekend, so it’s sort of a holiday triage situation.

Hello dearest friends and family,

We write to you today as two adults and two children who are all sleeping through the night and it is a beautiful existence.

2018 brought us potty training, fully one month spent in urgent care with children, a nasal surgery for Marcus. Kat took a trip to Michigan to visit with her girlfriends. Everyone is still doing the same amount of work, parenting, and volunteering.

This year, Kat decided that she wanted to plant a berry patch in the back corner of our yard. Marcus has borne all of her ideas for this patiently. The deer have had other plans and have fully eaten a branch off of the sapling cherry tree. We will not be deterred.

Some days Critter wakes up and declares that he does not have a sister, but 15 months later they are finally starting to play with one another. Glitter has interest in at least one toy that does not belong to her brother. She is finally holding her own against him and it is pretty funny to watch.

The only real plan we have for 2019 is to build an elaborate play structure in our backyard so that the park lives at our house 24/7. We’ll invite you over to come play once it is up!

Merry Everything,


For last year’s missive, click here.


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