Daily Archives: 12.17.2018

Some Things

Man. What a week.

After hitting post last Monday, we were blessed one final time with one final trip to urgent care on Tuesday (for a total of five trips!) because Critter developed an ear infection in his OTHER ear while still on antibiotics for the first one.

I don’t even know what to say really. BUT. Everyone finally seems healthy? I hope this plague had passed.

My friend Melissa told me probably a month and a half ago about the camisoles at Old Navy so I ordered a few and they seem…good? Would order again so far? Very inexpensive?

On Saturday we hosted our first non-kids birthday party in our house since we moved in. It was my sorority sisters’ annual Christmas party and we had 20 people plus tiny tots running around and it was a big hoot. We used to host a couple of big parties each year but life has changed and frankly I didn’t realize it until people were coming in and asking where to set things and I was like Honestly I Have No Idea.

On Sunday, Mom and I attended the Lessons & Carols service at our family’s church. For those of you thinking Aren’t you Jewish? Good question! The answer is yes of course I am but also conversion is complex and I had a really nice morning with my Mom.

It has become apparent that the birth control I started two months ago (this is my third pill post-weaning) has terrible side effects when I move on and off the white pill week. This time I got a migraine that ruined the date night we were supposed to go on. So. I get to go back to the doctor again.

If you are at all interested in health/science this podcast episode with Siddhartha Mukherjee (author of The Emperor of All Maladies) is really interesting.