Daily Archives: 12.10.2018

Some Things

I spoke too soon. After I hit post last Monday, Critter got an ear infection that night and Glitter was diagnosed with croup on Friday. She spent the weekend with a fever. We are going to urgent care again today. I keep telling all of my friends with sick pups that someday the plague will leave their homes. I keep telling myself this too, to no avail.

With that in mind, Mercury retrograde ended on the 6th and honest to God I feel like there is a better energy in the Universe right now. Don’t judge me!

My parents had their annual holiday party on Friday night. I drank three glasses of wine (PARTY!!!), wore my “vegan leather” pants (I am getting my money’s worth out of these!!!) and it was the best of times. We then spent the rest of the weekend celebrating Hanukkah.

An update on retinols and my very basic begrudging skincare routine: I am still washing my face and applying the retinol 1-2x/wk. It is still peeling all of my skin off which is sort of appalling. As a result I have stopped using powder and blush because it looks awful. On the other hand, since I am now moisturizing 2x/day my skin looks positively dewey. So, I don’t know. It’s going?

I increased the temperature on the thermostat by one degree to 72 and it has been a wondrous change. What I realized I despise most about winter is that you never feel fully WARM like you do in the summertime. Having a cozy house resolves that.

At some point in the last week, I saw one of those minimalist decluttering posts where you are encouraged to get rid of the same number of things as the date on the calendar. I decided to skip the plodding nature of that exercise and instead did the following: purged and re-organized our toy closet in the basement. It yielded two brand new toys for Hanukkah gifts, two brand new toys for our local non-profit gift to families in need, one bag of broken toys for the trash, and two bags of toys we never played with/didn’t LOVE that went to Goodwill. I also sent four boxes of diapers my kids have outgrown to the same local non-profit and threw out the bouncer seat Glitter no longer uses that was on probably its fifth or sixth life.

My house is literally a hundred pounds lighter and this gives me ENERGY and MOTIVATION to tackle the decluttering of our back bedroom. After Christmas.

Happy Monday, friends.