Some Things

Scene from Chicago. November 2018.

First off I just want to send a shout-out to our new readers, of which we have had a few in the past weeks. Welcome to the squad.

For the grand finale of our pestilence, I finally caught the kids’ plague cold. On Saturday night I was also reminded of what a difference it makes to workout when you’re feeling under the weather. Raising your body temperature and doing some sweating really helps fight the germs. With that in mind I still have this cold so take it with a grain of salt.

At the current moment I also have a great deal of empathy for people who describe a period of days/weeks/months as “lost” because I feel like that is where we are at right now?

But to rewind a bit, on Friday we went to a philanthropic cocktail party where I wore a faux fur vest and vegan leather pants (AKA pleather but with better branding) and….so did like half the party guests. It was 11/10. I failed to take any snaps but this outfit will ride again.

We finally cleaned our whole house, and it just feels good to be back at our equilibrium. I did a good clean before we went to Chicago, knowing that there would not be time when we got back (I was right). It went basically how I expected and when I got back to cleaning again it was cathartic.

Friends continue to tell me that they have already watched or are about to watch The Princess Switch so, keep at it people.

Hanukkah started last night. I finally wheeled out our decorations on Saturday. On Sunday morning, Critter declared he was hoping for “a present of toys.” In addition to our family celebrations, I also invited our Jewish neighbors who live across the street over to light the menorah and join us for dinner on Wednesday night. We will share a festive meal of tacos.

Happy Monday.


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