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Some Things

Another scene from the Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL.

I did not write a hashtag #blessed or hashtag #thankful post for Thanksgiving so we will forever be left to wonder, did the holiday even happen?

What I can tell you.

On Tuesday morning, Critter woke up and told me that he wanted to wear underwear so I pulled out a pull-up and we started potty training. I always said we’d start when he could ask since he is a very highly verbal kid. He did so here we are. The experience is so far going about how I thought it would. Because we aren’t doing that method where your kid pees around your house for three days, I have none of the fear and none of the horror stories.

Marcus had his surgery on Wednesday. He is recovering reasonably well which is to say that he has been recuperating and I have been full-time mom-ing.

I watched Netflix’s The Princess Switch on Thanksgiving and after posting it to my Instagram stories, I discovered A LOT OF MY FRIENDS have already watched it (some of them more than once!!!). If you are NOT one of those friends, consider this your notice that you should probably give it a watch. The entire plot is preposterous and the movie is impossible to turn off.

Last but not least, my most obnoxious Cyber Monday purchase? Four large bags of bath salts from Target dot com that were 15% off. I’m living a wild life.


Friday Food Round-Up!

Coming back from Chicago and rolling into Thanksgiving (and Marcus’ surgery!), I set pretty low expectations and planned to mostly make stuff from our freezer. And some salad kits that we had to throw out and replace with spinach. THANKS ROMAINE. I did actually cook twice this week. Look.

Wednesday – Grilled Turkey Cheese Sandwiches and Garlicky Wilted Spinach

Not our wildest week.

Thursday – Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Classic holiday food.

Some Things

Scene from the Lacuna Artist Lofts, Chicago, IL.

We’re home. At some point I’ll write an actual trip recap, but that day is not today. It was super relaxing for us to spend a few days away from the kids, and it was nice to enjoy some of the things we used to do regularly (aka vacation, nice restaurants, and museums) before we had kids. Also did I mention that we went to a wedding?! Because that is what orchestrated this little getaway for us in the first place.

All of the laundry is done, I got to soak in some epsom salts, it is like we compressed Sunday into four hours but hey we did it!

Last week I had my annual skin check. For the first time in five years, the dermatologist didn’t remove anything and sent me on my way with instructions to return in a year. So that was pretty great. As a reminder, if you are someone who has moles and has never had your skin mapped OR you have a weird mole you’re worried about OR you have a mole that has changed, GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST. They also set me up with a retinol and long story short, I washed my face, used it once, got into the moisturizing game and now all of the skin on my face is falling off. If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here waiting for the part where I am suddenly radiant and glowing. Related/unrelated: This is why I never washed my face before.

Otherwise, this week we are just trying to get re-settled before Marcus’ nasal surgery on Wednesday and then his subsequent recovery while we (aka me and the children) throw ourselves into Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Friday Food Round-Up!

TGIF. This week I finally got it together to spend two minutes making homemade salad dressing so we are back on that train and it tastes so good.

Saturday – Baked Salmon with Roasted Cauliflower and Roasted Potatoes

We topped the salmon with some smoked butter from Boss Mouse Cheese and this is THE WAY my friends. I think we also had a salad with this but I forgot to take a picture?!

Sunday – Chipotle-Honey Chicken with Mango-Avocado Salsa from Cravings and Texas Sweet Onion Casserole with Chipotle, Rice and Gruyere, Salad

New recipe from old Cravings! I have never made a mango salsa before and I doubled the chipotle marinade and froze it because this might be the first time I have used my immersion blender in a year. Also a regular reminder that this rice casserole is such a fave.

Monday – Grilled Turkey Avocado Cheese Sandwiches, Salad, Chips


Tuesday – Turkey Tacos

Make these little corn tacos. And then eat them x2.

Parenthood: A November Update

I haven’t written one of these in a while. Every day I see the kids do things that I hope I’ll remember in 30 years because they are so funny or interesting or bizarre but at the same time part of parenthood is that everything becomes a bit of a happy haze.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how, if he has not made it already, soon Critter will have his first true “memory.” The kind that he will look back on in 25 years as that flimsy little scrap of childhood that is the first time color came out of the void.

Meanwhile, he is deeply invested in the belief that when he wears sunglasses he is invisible. I cannot bring myself to shatter this illusion, so for now it is a Very Dramatic Playalong. When they’re on We Can’t See Him.

Glitter meanwhile has dedicated herself to a life of walking everywhere and has a deep interest in her shoes. She always wants to be wearing them or carrying them around. She can tell if she is wearing her pajamas and thus not shoes and this is disappointing to her. But she also realizes she cannot wear her shoes with footie jams on so hats off to her for being a smarty pants.

If we are having a pajama morning, she will locate her shirt and drape it over her neck like a cloak and to her this is the same as fully getting dressed. She is very proud of this accomplishment.

Critter seems to see Glitter as an actual human being now that she is upright and walking everywhere. He still gets frustrated with her (and oh God now she really can get into everything) but it seems to be different/better than when she was just crawling.

Generally I am not concerned by gendered toys but the other day I noticed Glitter (age: 14 mos) in the last two months has received several toys that involve dressing a doll. Critter (age: 2.5 years) has received zero. Isn’t getting dressed something that everyone needs to learn? Also I had literally no idea this was a thing until these toys finally arrived in our life?

Now that we are here in this new place: a big toddler and very small toddler, things finally feel easier. I am sure this feeling of relief will disappear no later than the end of January when Glitter will be down to one nap a day if she is not already there. But every milestone (sleeping through the night, weaning, turning one) makes life with two simpler.

Some Things

Did you know we are having an early winter and I don’t take scenic photos any longer because the sight of road salt does not motivate me? In all seriousness I don’t have enough summer photos to get us through this winter so I need to start snapping.

If you ever watched the recreational dance class scene in Center Stage and actually wished you were in the class (me!) then this dance workout is for you. I found it because YouTube suggested it after my normal yoga/dance cardio workout. I tried it last night and y’all IT IS GOING IN THE ROTATION. Also: I really did sweat and it really was fun.

Going into the weekend there was a strong possibility Marcus was going to be on a business trip for the middle of this week and now he is not so frankly y’all I am kicking back and relaxing.

Happy Monday.

What I’ve Been Reading

Everyone go read A World Lit Only By Fire. It is a great narrative history, I learned so many new things. It is definitely worth the time.

Without further adieu the latest group of reads.

A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester

The Plantagenets by Dan Jones

Shaky Ground by Bethany McLean

Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson