Daily Archives: 10.29.2018

Some Things

Last night Marie and I went to see a live recording of Call Your Girlfriend. It was great and we realized we were so old when she read the fine print and it was doors at 7, show at 8. Questions: Would we need coffees to survive? Answer: Yes. Would we ever get to fall asleep? Answer: We actually made it back to the suburbs by 9:55 PM (NOT THAT WE WERE KEEPING TRACK). We also got to grab dinner before and tried poke bowls for the first time and those were pretty great. Would eat again.

That capped off a long week last week with Marcus’ business trip, and then a weekend that also included a family party, a tot-Halloween party with my sorority sisters, and a baby shower.

It has been…a lot.

But. Back to the coffee thing! This was also my first afternoon coffee in…a month. (1) That latte tasted GOOD. (2) I am glad I didn’t get the extra shot of espresso. (3) It destroyed my sleep as expected. I will be muscling through this afternoon sans-coffee and I know going to bed tonight will be a collapse into bed-style experience.

On the topic of sleep I have forgotten to mention that In August I stopped looking at my phone in bed when the lights are off. Another thing I have not missed at all and another thing I think has been helping me to sleep better.

Y’all are you doing any weird sleep things that allow you to sleep better? If so, please feel free to share in the comments.

We are now getting ready for another three days of very aggressive Halloween celebrating. We’re going to an office party with the kids this afternoon, tomorrow is Wear Your Costume To Music Class Day and a party with my playgroup, and then there is you know…actual Halloween.