Daily Archives: 10.15.2018

Some Things

What a weekend. We kicked it off with Critter’s Friday afternoon request to get ice cream (I didn’t know he knew to ask?!) and then he and I went on an adventure just the two of us to Como Zoo. I was raised going there and it is 10 minutes closer to us than the Minnesota Zoo which is BIG TIME when you have littles that still nap. It is also the perfect size for small people and they can walk the whole time so I consider it to be the best possible zoo situation.

If ya missed my IG stories this weekend, some bonus content, the 11 day old baby giraffe.

Critter was as into it as I was so we just stood and stared for five minutes.

I am entering my third week of no caffeine in the afternoon and my fourth week of Less Wine. This all feels very normal now, but I also feel like I need (want?!) a latte so much but also don’t miss it.

I am also entering my third week of Epsom Salt Soak On Sunday Night and cannot recommend that one enough to this group. I know some people like to read in the bath or whatever but I just turn on some classical music and turn my mind OFF for 15-20 minutes and it is wonderful.

For this week’s egg roll adventure, we visited Wok in the Park and Critter also tried cream cheese puffs for the first time so that was a real thrill. Glitter did her best to scatter the egg roll filling she didn’t eat on the floor like confetti but overall it was a much better trip behavior-wise than last week so that was something.

I’m entering this week feeling the most relaxed I’ve been in the last few weeks and I hope you are all finding that space as well!