Daily Archives: 10.08.2018

Some Things

Mom to me: we need to take another selfie!!!

Where to even begin. Last week our house was like a triage ward. Critter had an owie that needed bandaging, Glitter had a double ear infection and I had a week of headaches that culminated in the migraine from hell and seemed to be linked to my change in birth control so to be completely honest I stopped taking that. And now my head feels better. But what a week.

I continued to take advantage of our soaking tub. I avoided caffeine every single afternoon. I achieved the successful elimination of those few glasses of wine. Honestly I am proud of these mini-lifestyle changes.

On Sunday Mom and I went to Summit Avenue to watch friends run in the Twin Cities 10 Mile. It was a hoot and truth be told I didn’t really miss the running. Which was a good feeling in its own way, but so wonderful to celebrate others chasing their goals. For now, I have chased mine and won. We followed it up with a breakfast at The French Hen and then our Girl Adventure was over.

Last summer and again this fall, egg rolls were a big hit with our littles at the farmers’ market. When it became apparent that it was now getting too cold for all of us to continue hauling out there, I suggested that we could continue the tradition by sampling egg rolls at different Twin Cities venues each weekend and we kicked it off last weekend with a trip to MT Noodles after playing at the library. We all survived and Critter is a fan of hoisin sauce. Next week, another egg roll adventure.

Finally, apparently it just rains endlessly here now in the fall and spring and I think I need a raincoat. Please send your recommendations!