Daily Archives: 10.01.2018

Some Things

This weekend was fun dot com.

We had Glitter’s first birthday party, we went to the farmers’ market for probably the last time this season, and then on a whim we also made an afternoon trip to the Minnetonka Orchards (our orchard of choice) with Uncle Billy for an hour of fun. We did not pick any apples or even go near any apple trees but Critter got to watch the “Apple Express” train jet around the orchard while he yelled “choo choo” from time to time and then at the end of our visit he rode it three times in a row. It was big fun. I also got to very belatedly visit with some friends and their new baby who was darling and full of snuggles and things to say so, 11/10 things all around.

I also dusted which was not so exciting but I have maybe only done it once since we moved into the house so, we are all working at our own level, right?!

We finally hung an old mirror in the entryway of our house and it just makes everything look a little bit nicer. Some of the gilding has chipped off so it needs a touch-up job but we had to start somewhere.

We have a soaking tub with jets in our master bathroom. I last used it when I was in labor with Glitter which is only ridiculous because I was so excited to have said tub for relaxation. Which as y’all know is something that I have so much time for. Anyway, I decided on Friday that it was time to break that streak and to start enjoying it as a weekly ritual and I think that this winter this is something I will be glad to have done. I need a place to relax where I cannot do anything.

In other news, I have decided to eliminate my nightly glass of wine a few nights per week because I don’t think I need it (when you’re in the throes of endless sleepless nights, you need a little escape?) and I am also interested to see if it changes how I sleep. I will say I feel like I am sleeping quite soundly right now but a girl can still wonder.

I will also note that on the topic of Things I Drink, I wonder if I am finally at a point where I can eliminate my afternoon coffee? I think having an emergency bottle of cold brew on hand would be advisable, but I am wondering if again, I am finally rested enough to achieve this. A LOT OF QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED RIGHT NOW Y’ALL.

I must conclude with a question. As I continue to rebuild my post-baby wardrobe I need to know what kinds of camisoles people buy these days? Do people buy them anymore? The ones I have are maternity and they are horrendous. Help a sister out.