Some Things

Hello, my friends.

I lied last week. It was warm one more time. After a week of so much rain we had a really very nice weekend of 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies. I made sure that for my evening workout, I took advantage and went for a walk because Lord knows that even the best basement gym cannot rival a beautiful fall day. After today we’ll be praying for the days that crack 60.

Meanwhile, Glitter was up intermittently yelling last night so I am exhausted and my body feels like lead. Not enough coffee in the world, people.

For the last four weeks, we have had a really non-traditional schedule on our weekdays because of a daycare “development” week, labor day and two weeks of Jewish holidays. That is all over and at last our weeks will look “normal” from here until Thanksgiving and then again until the winter holidays. I have enjoyed the bonus slow mornings during the week, but I know that Critter especially will be glad to be back into an extremely predictable routine. Honestly, we all will.

I just finished Marching Orders on Netflix which is a series of mini-episodes about the marching band at Bethune Cookman University and it is great. I hope they do another season, either following this school or another.

Glitter turns one tomorrow. We’ll have her party this weekend. I need to order some balloons and some paper plates and napkins and we’ll be set to go.


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