Some Things

Behold, the view from happy hour on the last weekend of summer.

It will now rain and become fall for…the end of time until it is winter. That said our windows are open again after a week of HEAT. It feels good to enjoy the fresh air.

Billy moved home from Texas over the weekend. We are all so glad he is home for good. Thanks to him I have been in more places in Texas than I had ever expected, BUT all things must come to an end.

After yesterday’s post a sweet friend let me know her neighbor was thinning out some of their strawberry plants so I am going to plant those straight into the ground this week too!

Now that the ash tree is gone, we are getting significantly more light in our house which is truly lovely. Especially once it is winter and always dark, any and all extra light will be especially appreciated. We had actual sunbeams in our kitchen at 6:00 PM tonight which I am fairly certain has never happened before.

My copy of Cravings 2 should arrive in the mail tomorrow and I cannot WAIT to cook more with Chrissy. The original Cravings has been a go to for us so I know there are more good dinners ahead!


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