Some Things

This snap is from a lovely walking trail in our neighborhood that I have only really started to take advantage of in the last month. It is such a peaceful lake/wetland in the middle of our very suburban neighborhood.

Today is the second day of Rosh Hashanah so we have been taking a break around these parts and Observing The Holiday and The New Year.

We also had a few drinks parties at our house over the weekend and between that and two days of festive family dinners, I am ready to put my feet up.

I am pretty sure we are finally having our last week of summer For Real. This week we enjoy the 80s and then the temperatures dive into the 50s and 60s and we will not be warm again until next April or May.

I believe pumpkin spice is best contained to the following: lattes, pie, bread. Though I will note that with the coming of Fall Coffee Drinks, at Caribou Coffee you can order a Maple Latte (they already have the flavoring on hand for some nonsensical drink) and it is Fantastic. My biggest complaint about the explosion of seasonal drinks (I swear every six weeks we are getting a new one) is that there is just no consistency in the actual product. No two lattes of the same kind are ever alike. Such is the way of life.

Last but not least, this is my sixth year (?) of doing 10Q and every year it is such an interesting reflection. 10 days, 10 short prompts. You should give it a try.


2 responses to “Some Things

  1. I did 10q last year thanks to your recommendation and am loving seeing last year’s answers and filling it out this year. very ready for this new year!

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