Some Things

I actually had another lake pic queued up and ready to go. Then Ang and I rolled to Minnehaha Falls on Sunday after lunch and…this is better. Right?

Honestly one of the sparkiest little points of my weekend was knowing that this post encouraged an old friend to also read a book because that is what we are all doing now. Reading books and drinking coffee.

I would also like to note that in some episode of the Forever 35 podcast (I think it was this one but I’m not sure), something I heard that really stuck with me was the concept of organization as self-care. Being physically organized in your space. Being financially organized. All of this is self-care! I think this is especially resonant with me right now because we are finally taking care of some different things (AKA the kitchen table) that are just allowing everything in our lives to feel more…settled? We also realized that we possessed enough empty cardboard boxes from all sorts of different things that it warranted a designated trip to the city’s recycling center. Our house is probably 20-30 pounds of cardboard lighter now.

For us there really is no big transition from end of summer to fall, only because Critter will continue at the same “school” he has been attending and Glitter will not start until January. Critter is signed up for tot soccer this fall, for a family extra-curricular we’ll all take a daytime music class. Until then we just have a wildly busy two weeks that include a girls’ weekend for me and then a family trip with Marcus’ parents to Duluth that we are looking forward to.


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