Daily Archives: 08.13.2018

Some Things

Can you tell we spend a lot of time by the water in the summer?

This is from Sunday morning’s early AM Wayzata Beach adventure. We love going there on the weekends because the city maintenance crews remove all of the seaweed with a Bobcat, there are ducks, there is sand, there is a park that is the right size for toddlers and there is a nearby train track, all which provide excellent amounts of entertainment.

As I am typing this I am realizing the train track would make this beach sound not so nice to those who are not from Minnesota and thus perhaps not familiar with the story of railroad tycoon James J. Hill.

Long story short James J. Hill was building the railroad out to Wayzata. The original depot was situated so that people would need to walk a distance to it and this was unacceptable to them. So instead he ran the railroad track down the lakeshore and placed the depot on the lake. This created probably the largest piece of open shoreline on Lake Minnetonka (which again for those of you not from MN is A Place To Be) and so we have this train situation but we are also able to enjoy the lake instead of having it blocked off by…estates.

He is celebrated each year.

And that brings all of our out of state readers up to speed.

If you did not sleep through that extremely abbreviated history lesson, let’s get back to some things.

This weekend was just wildly busy. I feel like we spent most of Sunday running around doing chores and errands because we spent the rest of our weekend with the following: Marcus visiting with an out of town friend, Marcus going to his brother’s housewarming party, a mother blessing, a mini-family reunion of all of my adult cousins at our house on Saturday afternoon, Sunday brunch at a neighbor’s. And I gave my mom a pedicure because she got her hip replaced on Thursday and what is the point of even having a daughter if they will not help you with your nails.

It was a lot?!

I mean honestly I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

In other news, Marcus and Critter built our kitchen table on Friday night. I ordered kitchen chairs today. Next on the list, bar stools for our island and a new light fixture. I’ll do a reveal after that.

Did I mention that we setup a hand-me-down sandbox from Uncle Adam and Auntie Whitney and Critter is just WILD about it? It looks like a turtle when the lid is on, we can bury things in it when the lid is off. That kid is just living The Life.