Daily Archives: 08.12.2018

Having my body back.

(Preface: This is a post about breastfeeding so if that is not your speed feel free to step out and rejoin the group next time I post).

I weaned Glitter three weeks ago when I got back from my girls’ trip and I stopped pumping two weeks ago.

Long story short, I had a feeling that the trip would be a logical break for us, and when I got back she took a bottle from me for the first time ever without batting an eyelash and downed the whole thing so I knew it was the right time.

Things that are true:

  • I did not get mastitis while weaning this time thank you GOD.
  • This is the longest that I have not been pregnant or nursing since April 2015.  Wrap your head around that.  When I finally stopped pumping after weaning Critter, I found out I was pregnant like two or three days later.  Which was of course, great, but that gives you an idea of how much time I have ever had to feel truly myself.  Answer: Zero time.

I am truly so thankful that nursing a baby has been effortless for me.  My children have been good eaters, I have not had supply issues.  With the exception of three rounds of mastitis (my favorite was probably the episode a week after Glitter was born, mostly because I was in sheer disbelief that it could be happening again SO SOON), I have not had problems.

My supply while I was feeding Glitter far outpaced her demand, and so over the course of nine months, I was able to donate 850.95 ounces (6.64 gallons) of breast milk to six babies to support them and their mamas in their feeding plans.  This is something I was so proud and honored to be able to do.

And now, here we are. I have always believed that fed is best, Glitter loves the formula we’re giving her (from ALDI) and I am for the first time sustaining me only.

The hormones cycling out of my body are just a hoot and have provided me with the following blessings: full body aches, headaches, bloating, cramping, nausea, exhaustion.

On the other hand, what I remember from that ever-so-brief post-weaning period last time is that you don’t know how much energy your body is exerting to produce milk until you’re not doing it anymore.  That aching weariness that has followed me for over three years is gone.  I am not growing anyone or anything.

Before I got pregnant with Critter, I had never considered what, exactly it would look like for me to give my body in its entirety over to my children.  Nor did I consider how that would look or feel for any extended period of time.  On the other hand, had anyone tried to tell me, I would not have had the experience to understand what they were trying to explain.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat for these sweet littles of mine.