Daily Archives: 08.06.2018

Some Things

We had such a lovely weekend.

Everyone was healthy, I got to observe belated mother’s day over brunch with Jillian at The Lynhall, we had a family outing to Wayzata Beach with Auntie Michelle and Jared.

Marcus and I enjoyed some quiet, nice meals at home which was just the most relaxing after his week away.

Mom and I went out to Gregor Farm and bought two hydrangea bushes and a peony plant for my birthday gift (thank you Mom and Dad!!!). I put them in the ground as fast as I could on Sunday which was also sort of laborious because the holes I had to dig were DEEP. I am so excited because the hydrangeas still have some blooms left in them for the season and next year they will contribute to a summer full of gorgeous flowers.

We ordered a kitchen table after eating at a card table for the last year. It arrives on Friday. I cannot wait to use it, I cannot wait to see how it changes the flow/feel of our main floor.

My mind is racing with to-dos for the week ahead, which is only ridiculous because I don’t think there is anything to be done. Does anyone else ever have that feeling?