Some Things

Lake Michigan. Photo credit: My iPhone or Beka’s – honestly I cannot remember because I have two very similar snaps on my phone.

Where to even begin this week.

We have lived in our house for a year now.

We celebrated by cleaning out Glitter’s closet, rotating out the kids’ clothing, me purging my size 8 pencil skirts (it’s just not a life I will ever live again), and taking five garbage bags of clothing (mostly mine) to the local charity shop. I also scrubbed out our kitchen sink and Marcus painted a piece of repaired siding.

Did I mention that we vacuumed? Everything feels so CLEAN now and it is just the best feeling.

And we have been living in our house for a year now.

Marcus and I also took some time on Saturday to make a to-do list of house projects we want to do over the next…10 years? It’s fun to think about the things we can and someday will get to do.

Over the weekend both of our children have had a mysterious viral plague, Critter on Friday and Glitter yesterday. While I was more than willing to be the Snuggler In Chief since these times are so few and far between now, I am praying to God a hand, foot and mouth style rash does not erupt in the next few days. I would also just like my happy, healthy children back.

On the other hand, Glitter and I watched (well she napped through) Part II of the Southern Charm Reunion so that was not a bad deal!

I have been binge listening to the Forever 35 Podcast. I listen on again off again but right now this is everything I need to go on. If you’re looking for a new podcast, recommend.

Final PSA: I bought this tank x2 in gray before my trip to Michigan. It is still on sale so I just bought two in white. It is drapey which is great for not completely toned tummies and/or people who are nursing. From Target. Not a referral link.


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