Some Things

Photo credit: Allison (and Allison’s iPhone)

I think I could summarize the last week in my brother’s words: Pretty much having as much fun as possible all the time.

But alas. I am home at last. My weeklong vacation (1/2 cabin, 1/2 girls’ weekend) has ended.

And when I came home from girls’ weekend, Marcus had run the dishwasher, done the kids’ laundry and actioned all of our grocery shopping. Everyone give him a shoutout in the comments because he is a hero husband.

I tried to do my part for the team by meal planning (I did it two weeks ago hence the grocery shopping success), sweeping out our mudroom and unpacking/doing laundry/putting all of it away.

I am ready for real life today but also I really am not? I can truly say last week was probably the most fun I have had since the kids were born and I am so glad for it.

Alas! It is time to get back into our routine. The hugs I got from Critter were just the sweetest and Glitter assumed her preferred state of being held on one hip. It is so good to be home with this family of mine.


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