Another long weekend Up North at the Cabin

This trip you guys. It was a total 180 from all cabin trips since Critter was born and a total 180 even from our trip over Memorial Day.

Namely, the children slept and that made everything else easier.

Critter enjoyed his outdoor classroom. We inspected the textures of different types of tree bark (Norway Pine, Maple – sapling, Birch), as well as varieties of moss. He also got to hold a toad and plant some grass.

It was also a trip of firsts.

Marcus docked the pontoon for the first time and Glitter went swimming in Big Pine Lake for the first time!

And by that I mean she spent most of the time being held by me. In the lake.

I also got to have a nice swim with Mom which hasn’t happened in a few years so that was really lovely.

We ate a lot of sprinkle donuts.

This was much to Critter’s delight. When we were talking about going up to the cabin he repeatedly brought them up. Apparently cabin = sprinkle donuts to him and I am good with that.

We had some Zorbaz pizza (obviously).

And we checked out the new taproom in Crosslake, 14 Lakes.

Otherwise, our nights were (less than wild!) spent reading, relaxing, having a few drinks and watching the lake. Almost like a vacation.


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