The Day In The Life Posts I Have Not Written This Week

Also if there IS anything you would like me to write about feel free to throw it in the comments.

The one where Critter’s pool sandals vanished but really they just spent the weekend at daycare.

The one where I drank beer for dinner (and finally decided that a grilled turkey cheese sandwich would go well with it).

The one where we went to the library storytime for big kids (which was objectively slow paced and boring) and Critter intermittently announced “we can go home now.”

The one where I ordered five boxes of RX Bars because there was a deal and let’s be honest even though I have been trying to eat more Elevation bars from ALDI because it saves money these are just better.

The one where my Mom praised me for dressing like an adult for an important meeting (on my SAHM days I look like a mom okay?).

The one where we went to playgroup and discovered that the hosts had a duplicate of one of Critter’s loveys (the one they don’t make anymore so we have been living on the edge by owning only one) and when I asked if we could buy it from them they said we could just take it home. God bless her.


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