A Nine Month/29 Month Update

I have not written a tot-update in several months!

Glitter is nine months old now. She has been out as long as she was inside!

We did night weaning last week and if anyone needs me I will be sleeping for the next three months straight to overcome…nine months of exhaustion (with a good sleeper!). I remember/don’t remember how tired I was at this point with Critter. I do know how mentally free I feel knowing this stage is over FOREVER.

A month ago Glitter started waving and clapping. Honestly, I don’t know how this came to be – it was the most adorable surprise.

She crawls everywhere, pulls up on everything and we are just waiting on pins and needles for the day she starts to WALK. If I had to guess, I’d bet we have one more month to go but that is still…frightening.

She eats any food she wants to, really. She tried a quesadilla for the first time last week and thought it was just the best thing. She also let us know that she knows how to drink from a water bottle. She still does not have any teeth. Our baby is desperately ready to be a big girl.

She naps twice a day in her crib which is great because one of those times overlaps with Critter so I get a little peace. During her morning nap, it means I get some one-on-one time with Critter where we do art or play outside or just sit and read books. I am so glad that this time is now a part of our day.

Critter is nearly 2.5 years old. He is the chattiest, happy little guy. He LOVES to bake things (biggest hits: cornbread from a mix, brownies, pizza braid). He loves to play pretend, though he still declares “We are going to imagination!” Like it is a literal place. Favorites: holding birds, grocery store, cooking, and most recently doctor’s office.

He has also started galloping around like a tiny pony and neighing. He then asks “are you a pony?” Other times when he wakes up in the morning, he declares himself to be a caterpillar or a monkey some other animal. Our house is a zoo.

He loves everything about trains. Seeing them. Reading about them. Drawing them. All of it. He still naps well (IN HIS CRIB THANK YOU GOD) and is nowhere near potty training (fine by me).

We are busy. Now that Glitter can get to all of Critter’s toys all the time, there is no peace in our home. I should probably start planning a first birthday party for our littlest lady. Every day we get closer and closer to a new, better routine. What a life it is we are living.


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