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Some Things

Lake Michigan. Photo credit: My iPhone or Beka’s – honestly I cannot remember because I have two very similar snaps on my phone.

Where to even begin this week.

We have lived in our house for a year now.

We celebrated by cleaning out Glitter’s closet, rotating out the kids’ clothing, me purging my size 8 pencil skirts (it’s just not a life I will ever live again), and taking five garbage bags of clothing (mostly mine) to the local charity shop. I also scrubbed out our kitchen sink and Marcus painted a piece of repaired siding.

Did I mention that we vacuumed? Everything feels so CLEAN now and it is just the best feeling.

And we have been living in our house for a year now.

Marcus and I also took some time on Saturday to make a to-do list of house projects we want to do over the next…10 years? It’s fun to think about the things we can and someday will get to do.

Over the weekend both of our children have had a mysterious viral plague, Critter on Friday and Glitter yesterday. While I was more than willing to be the Snuggler In Chief since these times are so few and far between now, I am praying to God a hand, foot and mouth style rash does not erupt in the next few days. I would also just like my happy, healthy children back.

On the other hand, Glitter and I watched (well she napped through) Part II of the Southern Charm Reunion so that was not a bad deal!

I have been binge listening to the Forever 35 Podcast. I listen on again off again but right now this is everything I need to go on. If you’re looking for a new podcast, recommend.

Final PSA: I bought this tank x2 in gray before my trip to Michigan. It is still on sale so I just bought two in white. It is drapey which is great for not completely toned tummies and/or people who are nursing. From Target. Not a referral link.


Friday Food Round-Up!

I am going to take a moment to applaud myself for planning this menu two weeks ago, before vacation happened, so that we would have dinners and leftovers to enjoy this week.

Sunday – Grilled Chicken Sausages, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Garlicky Wilted Spinach

This was sort of refreshing after a week/weekend of vacation eating.

Monday – Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice from Cravings, Asparagus, Soft-Fried Egg

We added the egg to stretch out meat so we would have lunch leftovers. Such a delicious choice.

Tuesday – Turkey Tacos

This x2. Also this meat goes great on the coconut rice as a fusion bowl of leftovers.

Some Things

Photo credit: Allison (and Allison’s iPhone)

I think I could summarize the last week in my brother’s words: Pretty much having as much fun as possible all the time.

But alas. I am home at last. My weeklong vacation (1/2 cabin, 1/2 girls’ weekend) has ended.

And when I came home from girls’ weekend, Marcus had run the dishwasher, done the kids’ laundry and actioned all of our grocery shopping. Everyone give him a shoutout in the comments because he is a hero husband.

I tried to do my part for the team by meal planning (I did it two weeks ago hence the grocery shopping success), sweeping out our mudroom and unpacking/doing laundry/putting all of it away.

I am ready for real life today but also I really am not? I can truly say last week was probably the most fun I have had since the kids were born and I am so glad for it.

Alas! It is time to get back into our routine. The hugs I got from Critter were just the sweetest and Glitter assumed her preferred state of being held on one hip. It is so good to be home with this family of mine.

Friday (but actually it’s on Saturday) Food Round-Up!

The fact that I am posting this late is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that we only cooked ONCE this week. Mom cooked for us at the cabin (thank you God), right now Marcus is eating some pre-made freezer meals.

Related/unrelated: I need to restock our single-serve freezer meal stash.

The best news of all is that Gregor Farm is open for the season. I saw this when I was taking the long way on Wednesday’s grocery shopping expedition. We will feast on their produce for the rest of the summer.

Wednesday – Burgers, Corn on the Cob, Three Bean Salad, Dijon Potatoes

Summer on a plate. I made extras of the beans and potatoes so that Marcus would have more food to get him through the long weekend.

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

With the exception of Artemis (which sort of reads like what if someone wrote a fanfic in the style of Andy Weir), I would recommend all of these books!

What is just truly wonderful is that tomorrow I will take off for four days of girl time which also means a lot more time for reading. Joy.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Artemis by Andy Weir

All the Lives I Want by Alana Massey

The Big Rich by Bryan Burrough

Another long weekend Up North at the Cabin

This trip you guys. It was a total 180 from all cabin trips since Critter was born and a total 180 even from our trip over Memorial Day.

Namely, the children slept and that made everything else easier.

Critter enjoyed his outdoor classroom. We inspected the textures of different types of tree bark (Norway Pine, Maple – sapling, Birch), as well as varieties of moss. He also got to hold a toad and plant some grass.

It was also a trip of firsts.

Marcus docked the pontoon for the first time and Glitter went swimming in Big Pine Lake for the first time!

And by that I mean she spent most of the time being held by me. In the lake.

I also got to have a nice swim with Mom which hasn’t happened in a few years so that was really lovely.

We ate a lot of sprinkle donuts.

This was much to Critter’s delight. When we were talking about going up to the cabin he repeatedly brought them up. Apparently cabin = sprinkle donuts to him and I am good with that.

We had some Zorbaz pizza (obviously).

And we checked out the new taproom in Crosslake, 14 Lakes.

Otherwise, our nights were (less than wild!) spent reading, relaxing, having a few drinks and watching the lake. Almost like a vacation.

Some Things

Recurring feature?


Currently we are up at the cabin and I am enjoying the best cabin sleep I have had since…2014? A brief chronology: 2015 pregnancy insomnia, 2016 Critter doesn’t sleep through the night, 2017 pregnant and all sleep is bad, 2018 BOTH OF MY CHILDREN SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT SO I DO TOO NOW.

The weather is great, the wind coming off of the water is just a balm for my soul.

Otherwise literally living my best life right now. We come home tomorrow, on Wednesday I get to enjoy a day of self-care and getting our lives in order because on Thursday (!) I am going on a long girls’ weekend to Traverse City, MI.