New shoes for basement workouts only heyyyy.

18 weeks of working out three times a week and it’s…a lifestyle again? It seems normal? I only worked out twice the week we went to the cabin but then last week I made my 3x/week goal – I managed to do one workout while Marcus was out of town and another when I was running on fumes the day he got home.

There are no excuses! You’ll never regret a workout!

I am still doing That Cardio Dance Yoga Thing once or twice a week. The other once or twice a week I am…CYCLING.

I bought this Sunny spin bike for $140 on Target dot com. It is not fancy at all and the flywheel is only 20 lbs, but it gets the job done.

Once upon a long time ago I biked over a thousand miles on a stationary bike that looked like this to train through tendonitis to run the Twin Cities Marathon for the second time.


I really didn’t mind the rides at the end of the day – I did a lot of biking to recorded stages of the Tour de France. But my first choice was running and we didn’t have enough space in our basement for more workout equipment (this bike was at my parents’ house) so it was a pretty easy choice to go back to running.

As we all know, right now is not a season of my life that I feel is at all conducive to running. So when the chance to start cycling presented itself, I thought I would give it a try again and so far it has been really nice.


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