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Our Sweet New Garden

Landscaping. We did it! It is done! A miracle really. I cannot believe all of these pretty gardens are mine (ours), really.

And all of the plants I sourced at out local non-profit’s plant sale are now in the ground! It was so nice – Mom came over to help me plant them (Dad supervised). I really wanted to get them all into the ground before the round of storms we’re supposed to have tomorrow so that they get some RAIN. They have been living in containers for a month and this is…better.

Now, for some before and afters!







It is impossible to overstate how pleased I am by all of this. Now that everything is planted, I can honestly say I am done with gardening antics until next year besides basic watering and weeding.


Friday Food Round-Up!

Is this the latest on a Friday I have posted a round-up? Yes.

I will also say I thought I cooked a lot this week but I only have pictures of three meals. A mystery.

Oh, right (actually just remembered not a humble brag). I made a double batch of this soup this week and fed three mamas with little ones.

Monday – Grilled Chicken Teriyaki, Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice from Cravings, Steamed Broccoli

There were some complications steaming the broccoli but we managed to eat dinner and this rice is great.

Tuesday – Turkey Tacos

Spoiler alert: I actually ate four tacos.

Wednesday – Spicy Italian Chicken Sausages with Roasted Potatoes and Garlicky Wilted Spinach

Are you tired of seeing this one yet?

The First Raspberry

Earlier this evening, there was actually one red raspberry on this bush that looks like it will give us approximately 14 berries this year. It was so bright (and this tiny twig of a bush is so small) that I could see it from across the yard.

When Critter got home from T-Ball, I told him we needed to go see the new raspberry to which he responded “Oh the watering can.” Watering the raspberry bushes and all of our plants really is his tiny tot chore.

When we made our way down to the bushes we watered them and then stopped to admire the one red berry on the bush.

I looked at Critter and asked him if he wanted to eat it or leave it for the bunny (we have a baby bunny who lives in our yard). He chose eat it and so I plucked this one small berry off and after inspection, handed it to him.

He popped it in his mouth and gave me the biggest grin. He ate the berry from the bush he has been taking care of for the last month! He finally got to see how the thousands of raspberry he eats every year begin! Now he wants to eat the unripe ones too!

(Me: Absolutely not.)

Next year there will be more berries. There will be more edible plants. But this year this one berry is really pretty special.

Friday Food Round-Up!

Uno: Send me your favorite pasta salad recipes.

Dos: There is no dos.

Sunday – BBQ Chicken, Roasted Tiny Potatoes, Coleslaw, Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Cornbread from Cravings

This seemed Father’s Day-y to me?

Monday – Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausages, Garlicky Wilted Spinach, Leftover Cornbread

A fast meal.

Tuesday – Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes

(1) I added chicken. (2) The last time I had this was a girls’ weekend three years ago. MISTAKE. IT IS SO GOOD.

Thursday – Chile Lime Chicken Burgers with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Asparagus

I realized we had to start making more meals with asparagus because Critter will eat asparagus? Anyway, more of that on the way.

Some Things

Your girl Kat here.

Some things.

This is how I thought I would look when I was a Mom.


Actually me. All the time.

The landscapers are coming next week and our deck is being stained this week thank you God.

An animal met its demise in our front yard and I am not sure which kind but it is…problematic.

I am watching the World Cup every night and it is cutting into my BRAVO time and my Perch (our upper deck) time.

Our anniversary and Father’s Day happened and I didn’t do any social media posts so did it even count?

I have purchased so many pairs of these shorts and they are the best (not a referral link run don’t walk).

Friday Food Round-Up!

This week we observed week three of me being the primary parent, but with more cooking because at least both of us were home this week.

Can I also just take a moment to say I am so glad we are into grilling and eating outside season? Because it is just the best.

Friday – Spicy Italian Chicken Sausages, Roasted Tiny Potatoes, Garlicky Wilted Spinach

I barely had the energy to help Marcus assemble this but we made it!

Saturday – Tuna Melts

Never ever forget we are fancy people.

Sunday – Auntie Kim’s Sweater Box Chicken Salad, Salad

After eating this at the cabin a few weeks ago, I decided we needed to eat it here.

Tuesday – Burgers with Roasted Tiny Potatoes and Garlicky Wilted Spinach

This was actually our anniversary dinner.

Thursday – 90’s Taco Salad

The more I make this, the faster it comes together.


New shoes for basement workouts only heyyyy.

18 weeks of working out three times a week and it’s…a lifestyle again? It seems normal? I only worked out twice the week we went to the cabin but then last week I made my 3x/week goal – I managed to do one workout while Marcus was out of town and another when I was running on fumes the day he got home.

There are no excuses! You’ll never regret a workout!

I am still doing That Cardio Dance Yoga Thing once or twice a week. The other once or twice a week I am…CYCLING.

I bought this Sunny spin bike for $140 on Target dot com. It is not fancy at all and the flywheel is only 20 lbs, but it gets the job done.

Once upon a long time ago I biked over a thousand miles on a stationary bike that looked like this to train through tendonitis to run the Twin Cities Marathon for the second time.


I really didn’t mind the rides at the end of the day – I did a lot of biking to recorded stages of the Tour de France. But my first choice was running and we didn’t have enough space in our basement for more workout equipment (this bike was at my parents’ house) so it was a pretty easy choice to go back to running.

As we all know, right now is not a season of my life that I feel is at all conducive to running. So when the chance to start cycling presented itself, I thought I would give it a try again and so far it has been really nice.