MN Lake Life (tiny tots edition)

Memorial Day weekend hey.

We went to Bellecour + Wayzata Beach on Saturday and Sunday. God it is just so good to be back into this weekend routine again. Once the farmers’ markets get a little more energetic (…July?) we’ll do that one morning/weekend. Also we have been having an incredible May heat wave (hello, 90s) so going to a beach at 7:30 AM was the only logical response. Truly.

Today we are headed up to the cabin. Critter’s daycare is closed this week, so I will be Up North with the kids, Marcus (for one night) and Billy and Mom until Thursday.

People heading west on the Oregon Trail probably packed less than we have. I will also note that in the old times I used to have a well stocked toiletry kit because we were going to the cabin tons in the summer or traveling every few months throughout the remainder of the year. Today as I was packing, I realized that the last time I used my toiletry kit is when I was in the hospital birthing Glitter and then I threw a bunch of stuff away.

Marcus asked me if I had any particular goals for this cabin trip. I was like uh…everyone sleeps reasonably well? We ride on the boat at least one time? In some ways this trip seems easier than the ones we have taken over the past two summers and in other ways I want to run around the house screaming HELP US GOD WE ARE TAKING TWO KIDS ON “VACATION” WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO US.

Honestly, I don’t know.


One response to “MN Lake Life (tiny tots edition)

  1. Oh how awesome. Enjoy! This makes me happy.

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