7 Months!

Glitter, honestly I didn’t even realize it until someone asked your age last weekend and your Nana responded with 7 months!

You are such a cuddly, gentle, well-behaved baby. Everywhere we go, you give out smiles and people ask to hold you. I’d say about 40% of the time you sleep through the night, the rest of the time you wake up once at 3 AM. On the weekends, you and I both get to sleep in (in our own beds!) while the boys are up at dawn and I call it Operation Beauty Sleep.

You are an expert army crawler. It is so fun to see you explore the world on your own terms but now, none of Critter’s toys are safe from you! He is less than excited about this most recent development.

You got your second flu vaccine dose (heyyy herd immunity!).

You have eaten rice cereal, sweet potato, butternut squash, banana, avocado and plain yogurt. If I had to name your favorites, they are squash and avocado.

You just started babbling “Dada.”

Now that it’s warm enough, you have gotten to go to the park a few times and have tried the swing! You seem unsure about it, but have the tiniest of tiny smiles.

You have started napping in your crib!

You continue to adore Critter. If he is doing something, you want to know about it.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider gives you the greatest joy.

It’s so crazy to think we are now closer to you being a year old than farther away! We love you so.


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