Drudgery (aka Spring Cleaning)

After last week’s debacle, magically it is spring. There is still snow everywhere (that’s what melting nearly two feet of snow will do to you) but on Friday, Mother Nature hardcore committed to Spring and so we are living that life now.

The sun is streaming through our windows, today, Marcus opened them and we took in the fresh air. We have gotten to go on a couple of family walks (AKA our new lifestyle until October).

AND. Over the past week I have been actioning…spring cleaning? I don’t really know where the energy is coming from but we have three more months until we celebrate a year in this house. It’s not that I see so many projects that need to be done still, it’s more like I am finally awake enough to sort through stuff I should have taken care of at some point during the whole pregnant-packing-moving-packing-moving-having a baby-thing.

I purged a bag of old, ratty clothes from my closet. I went through our linen closet (fun fact: really did not look in there after we moved in and our friends are the one who moved that stuff for us!) and organized it and purged a bag of mystery bedding and items. I tossed out two bags of really old nail polish and other trash from the medicine cabinet.


Did I also clean out my car? I did. In which I removed yet another bag of trash, a shopping bag full of toys (what?!) and realized the snow emergency box I had stashed in my trunk was actually full of more trash, and a lot of things that had nothing to do with snow.

So, here we are, on our way.


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