More Fitness

Hey friends.

Are we tired of fitness posts yet? (Seriously I don’t know, you need to tell me if you are bored dot com by this.)

Also, did I mention that I am in a wedding in two weeks? I am! But that is not why I am working out because let’s be honest, I am one mama of two children, one of them being six months old. This is real life right here.

Because every post needs a picture (otherwise our attention wanders!), here is a snap of our basement workout area.

Complete with beer fridge!

Honestly, moving the hand-me-down green couch out of the basement and not being able to fit the cream couch down the stairs has been a real blessing. It has left us (me) with more than enough room for the treadmill and floor space for yoga and workout videos. Which are apparently now a thing that I do.

Because I am a wild woman, I bought some 2 lb weights last week and those are a thing that I own now.

I also wanted to pop in to share a great workout video I found – this one is some sort of bizarre cardio dance yoga thing that is the most fun ever. I have done it three times and each time it is hard and each time it is a hoot.

If you have any favorite workout videos that you like to do, please share them in the comments!


2 responses to “More Fitness

  1. I’m basically obsessed with Lindsey at NourishMoveLove. She posts workout videos all the time but I got a $20 yearly subscription to GetHealthyUTV, a collection of workout videos for women. Chris Frietag a la Lifetime Fitness started it and it’s a life saver!

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