My Life in Three Pictures

Can I just tell y’all how glad I am that daycare spring break is over (omg nightmare), ECFE two week spring break is over (nightmare), and library storytime hiatus is over (nightmare)?

Critter is deeply happy to be back in his routine. Glitter cannot tell the difference. I, along with my fellow mamas, am so glad to be done for the time being with piecing together a makeshift playdate schedule to keep us all sane.

This weather, you guys. It is killing me. Our across the street neighbors turned on the coordinated, block-wide Christmas light show this weekend in observance of the honest to God blizzard we are having MN. In our city we had a total 15.5″ as of Sunday AM which is…a lot and it just continued to rain from the sky today.

Um, this one is just to remind you I am a live human with a face because like, I don’t post that many snaps of myself on the blog anymore? And I am not a robot? I am just a mom with a mom ponytail! Who put on eyeliner on a Sunday because we had to go to the fundraiser at Critter’s school!

So much Bravo TV. We are in a beautiful, yet precious time of the year where RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm overlap. This is probably also the time of year where I am actively losing the highest number of brain cells as well.


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